Sailing guide to the Swedish West Coast

This site is a contribution to sailing visitors to Sweden, and to the west coast in particular. At a start, I will focus on r Bohuslän, where I have my own boat.
Hopefully there will be some useful information here. It is a amateur project, with the limitations that could mean, and your opinion and suggestions are most welcome. Mail address you find to the right under Contact.

Some news and hints of what to find in Sweden now


The biggest floating boatshow in Sweden you find in Marstrand between August 24 - 26. No admission fee

Öppet varv

Open Yard Orust

Both Marstrand and Orust claim to be biggest. And the have the same date, Aug 24-26 for their exebitions. Orust probably is the biggest for sail boats. And the oldest.

Want to see an replica of an old East India sailingship? Visit Göteborg and have a guided tour in the middle of the town.


Fancy a voyage in a small boat?

It's the size that matters? Sven Yrvind tried again for a long voyage. This time in a boat named Exlex that is 6 meters long, and destination is New Zealand! Unfortunately he had to give it up, but will try again with a new construction. He is 79 years!

hasselblad centre

Hasselblad Centre

When you visit Göteborg, take the oppurtunity to visit photografic exhibitions in world class

Akvarellmuseum in Skärhamn

One of the best museeums for water colour works you find in Skärhamn.

Wooden Boat Festival in Skärhamn

Everyone loves wooden Boats, but we all sail fiber glass! It' s an old saying, but if you want to look at some nice pieces of old wooden boats, visit Skärhamn in the middle of July. You will not be dissapointed.

Calendar Event Calendar Bohuslän

Here you have a good calendar for what you can do and eperience this summer. There is something for everyone.

What kind of information could you expect?

Well, practical matters like what are Swedish guest harbours like? Price, what facilities could you expect. But also some facts that does not only concern boaters.


At the moment only Bohuslän, Halland and Lake Vänern are covered, and by no means complete yet. Under menu "Bohuslän" above, you will find an intro to Bohuslän, as well as links to the municipalities in the county of Bohuslän. You find more relevant info, area by area.

west coast


Things like:
- What do I do in case of emergency?
- Is fishing allowed?
- Is there any tide in Sweden?
- Useful links


Visit Marstrand first week in july.


Who runs

Inge Sehlin Privately


A link to the Swedish meteorlogical institute