BOHUSLÄN - The barren granite

Bohuslän is probably one of the best sailing areas in the world. Thousands of islands, some very big as Orust, some tiny ones. But one thing in common: Harbours in abundance. Natural harbours, and guest harbours comercially run. It is your pick that decide.

Bohuslän is named after the Norwegian medieval castle of Båhus. The ruins you find some 20 km north of Göteborg along the river Göta Älv, and you could go there with your own boat. Båhuslen was a Norwegian county from around 1050 until the Treaty of Roskilde in 1658, when the kingdom of Denmark-Norway lost this area as well as Skåneland to Sweden.Castle of Bohus

Today, few people think of this, but the accent spoken, reveals a Norwegian heritage. Of course, the accent varies a lot, but has a common base in Norwegian.

This coastline is a very popular stretch for both Swedish sailors as well for foreigners. The main reason is obvious: The archipelago! When you enter the coastline of Bohuslän, it is not the amount of islands that strike you at first. It is the barren appearance. Hardly a tree rise above the horizon. It didn't use to be like that. Shipbuilders and factories extracting oil from herring, managed to cut down the trees. The Danes shipped a lot of oak timber to the Denmark, in order to build their naval fleet. (And fight the Swedes!)

Geologically it is a very old part of Mother Earth. Solid rock is the essence in this part of the world. What it looked like a million years back is hard to tell, but some ten ice ages has certainly changed the appearance. The smooth rocks are the result of the grinding of millions of tons of ice. It is rather unique. You won’t find it on another part of the world. Bohuslän is probably the most visited salingarea in Sweden for foriegn leasureboats. Its archipelago, barren and wild, is both tempting, beautiful and scaring when the westerly storm approaches.


Where to go in Bohuslän?

There is something for all. From bustling partyharbours to small pitorescue old fishing villages. And, of course, the natural harbours. It is your pick, and you will most likely not be dissapointed.

Look under Municipalities to the right, and I guide you through the areas.


Summer nights in Bohuslän

Read this Blog by "BLUR". It tells you in a very inspiring way why to go there