Ten Islands of Öckerö

The municipal of Öckerö is situated just west of Göteborg. One could also reach the city by bus, -which takes about one hour, -if you want to see the second biggest city in Sweden.

Ten Islands?

Well, there are plenty more, but ten of them are inhabited.
During the Viking Age the islands of Öckerö belonged to the Norwegian kings and the part of the coast was known as Älvsyssel. In the 13th century the King Håkan Håkansson of Norway built himself a house on Öckerö, because he was often around there with his navy.

In 1658 or thereabout, the area became Swedish together with Bohuslän.
In the middle of the 18th century, the fishing of herring blossomed into a full scaled industry, and the islands fishing communities flourished for some 50 years. In the 1950s the coat of arms were designed. As the main industry has always been fishing, a boat and herring became symbols. The ten herrings correspond to the ten islands.

Öckerö islands are a part of the archipilago of Göteborg, although it is a municipal of it's own. Öckerö municipality has two geographically separated parts, Öckerö, Hönö, Fotö and Hällsö that you can go between by car, and then you have Nordöarna. (The northern Islands) These are Rörö, Hyppeln and Källö-Knippla. To reach them you must go by second ferry. Historically there is supposed to be some hostility between those areas, but I think one should take that with a pinch of salt.
What is true though, is that there have been two referendums (2001 and 2005) whether there should be a road bridge connection between the mainland and Öckerö. The government wanted to build one, and one would believe that the islanders would like that since a majority commutes to Göteborg daily. But no! Both times 65 % voted against it. Obviously, the relative privacy with the ferry was considered more important than fast connections.
But! The northern Islands voted quite differently. Even if a new road bridge was constructed, these islands still would have had to use the “local” ferries. They realised that one ferry gave as much protection as two, and 85 % voted for a road bridge.

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Hönö Fishing museeum

Quite nice museum partly situated in an old fishingboat. It is considered as one of the better fishing museeums in Scandinavia. Hönö Fishing museeum

You will also find art exhibitions at the museeum

Öckerö old churÖckerö old churchch

The old church you'll find close to the new. (Just turn your head up and you will see it's tower almost anywhere) This church is from around 1450, but there was a wooden one before that.

The new church, it is close to the old one, was built in 1908 and here you can see the granite of Bohuslän at it's best.


Öckerö Library

In the open and light library you will find art exibitions all year around. The library is situated close to Öckerö main harbour.

Tourist Office

Pay a visit to the tourist office located right by the sea on island Hönö. The tourist office is open all year around and the friendly staff can help with planning your visit to the achipelago.

Guest Harbours

There are 11 different guest harbours in the municipal, all of them nice to visit, and I hope to present them properly in due time. To the right you see which ones I have managed to add so far.

Hönö Klåva

Hönö Klåva harbour

Being the commercial center of the municipal, Hönö is where you find the majority of the islands shops and restaurants. Most of them are situated around the harbour, Klåva. A busy commercial harbour as well a a marina for leasureboats. There is space for around 30 visiting boats on the western pier, and the cost for a boat < 12 mters, is 200 Sw Cr including electricity.

In the harbour area there is a quite nice fishing museeum, well worth a visit.


Öckerö harbour

As well as Hönö Klåva, this is an busy commercial harbour. Fishingboats share the area with vessels that need repair at Öckerövarvet, a busy shipyard. Maintainance for your own boat could be done at Öckerö marinmotor at the south of the harbour.
Visiting boats are welcome at the south side of the main basin, and the cost around 180 cr including electricity.


Rörö Harbour

This is as far north you can get in Öckerö municipal, and on my top ten on the coast. It is a good harbour, and it is a very popular place to go for a weekend "off season". 5 nm east is one of the biggest marinas in northern europe situated, Björlanda Kile. This means of course that there are a lot weekenders who go there.
And it is a good pick, a very scenic island. The eastern side is quite lush, and that's where people live. There are still quite a number of residents. The western part is a natural reserve with fantastic fields of cobblestone. A remain of the iceage. Close to the harbour you also have a good sandy beach, perfect for the kids when they are ready with the crab fishing. Trawler at Rörö harbour

Two of the biggest trawlers you find on the westcoast has Rörö as home harbour. (When you approach Rörö, you wonder how on earth theese big ships manage to get in and out)

There is room for approx 100 visiting boats, and the cost is 220 swCr incl. electricity.


Nimbus. Literally the word means glory, and one might think that the name of the harbour comes from that meaning since it is run by a local church. But that is not so. Before the church took over the area and built a very nice church combined with conference-centre / restaurant and hostel, the famous boat builder Nimbus had a yard here. So the name remained.


It is a rather small harbour, situated on the east side of Öckerö, just north of the main harbour. The guest area is on the south side of the basin. Besides from a sermon on Sunday, you find very good lunch meals here.

Nimus homepage


Hyppeln harbour

Of the three inhabited Northern Islands, Hyppeln Is the second biggest by area, but third in population. (But we talk about small figures, altogether there are around 750 souls living up in the north)
What can you expect here? Along the jetty, there are good benches and grill facilities. If you don’t want to grill here, there is a small, simple and good restaurant at the harbour.  (Try their fish soup!) If you feel like taking a walk, there is a good walking path that goes around the island. Hoovering over Hyppeln there is an old memory from the second world war, an artillery fortress. You can easily walk up there from north, and will be rewarded with a magnificent view.




Öckerö municipal - official webpage

Including event calendar, links to guestharbours and more.

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